Mar 13, 2019

Quaker Releases New Oat Milk Dairy-Alternative Line

Quaker enters the dairy-alternative forum with the release of the new Quaker Oat Beverage line.

The milk-alternative comes in three flavors: Original, Original Unsweetened and Vanilla.

The oat milk is oat-bran-based and features 4 grams of fiber, 30% of the daily recommended amount for calcium, and 25% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin D per 8 fl-oz serving. It is also lactose-free and contains to 30 to 50 calories per 8 fl-oz serving.

You can find Quaker Oat Beverages at retailers nationwide in 48 fl-oz bottles for a suggested price of $4.29 each.

Photo via Quaker.

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