Mar 6, 2019

Taco Bell Tests Triplelupa in Minneapolis

Taco Bell gives the Triplelupa a test run for a limited time in the Minneapolis market.

The Triplelupa is a described by the chain as a "3-in-1, tear-apart Chalupa shell filled with seasoned beef and topped with a three-cheese blend, lettuce, and tomatoes, with nacho cheese sauce on one side, chipotle sauce on the other and the ultimate cheesy chipotle flavor in the middle." It's priced at $3.49.

The Triplelupa was given a small initial test late last year at a few locations in Orange County (where Taco Bell is headquartered) with the Minneapolis marking a larger market test for the new menu item. The Triplelupa has changed since then save some small changes to the packaging.

The shareable menu item will be available through early April 2019.

Photo via Taco Bell.

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