Mar 22, 2019

Domino's Bakes New Double Crust Pizza Layered with Sweet Potato Mousse in South Korea

Over in South Korea, the latest from Domino's is the new Doublecrust Iberico Pizza, which features two crispy thin pizza crusts sandwiching a layer of sweet potato mousse, topped with fancy Iberico pork.

In addition to the elaborate crust and premium pork, the pizza also comes topped with mozzarella, ricotta, Romano cream cheese, Quattro cheese fondue, bacon, potato, mayo, and sun-dried tomatoes. Additionally, the crust is rimmed with coconut honey powder.

It should be noted that sweet potato mousse is a fairly popular and common pizza topping in South Korea, where you can find it stuffed into the crust and/or onto the pizza itself.

The price tag on the pizza comes out to 29,000 won (~$25.54 US) for a medium and 34,900 won (~$30.73 US)  for a large.

Photo via Domino's South Korea.

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