Mar 7, 2019

Cinnabon Brings Back Churro Swirls Permanently

Churro Swirls are back on the Cinnabon menu to stay as a permanent menu item.

The chain's take on churros come in a cinnamon roll-like shape and are baked and then coated with Makara cinnamon-sugar.

Prices for Churro Swirls start at $2.49 but you can get a second one starting at 99 cents. They also have two new dipping sauces, warm Ghiradelli Chocolate or Smooth Caramel starting at 50 cents each.

Finally, for extra indulgence, you can get the Churro Frosting Sandwich, which sees two Churro Swirls sandwiching a layer of Cinnabon's signature cream cheese frosting. The price for the sandwich starts at $4.99.

Photo via Cinnabon.

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