Mar 12, 2019

Pizza Hut UK Offers Cheesy Bites Without the Pizza

Here in the US, Pizza Hut occasionally offers the Cheesy Bites Pizza, a pizza ringed around the crust with bite-sized, cheese-filled rolls, but over in the UK, the pizza has been a permanent fixture on the menu since April 2018, and now, they even offer the Cheesy Bites without the pizza.

The pizza-less rolls are called "Cheesy Bite Bites" and they're a recent menu addition that comes served with a garlic and herb dip.

The regular Cheesy Bites Pizza comes with four dipping sauces in the UK: Garlic & Herb, Sour Cream & Chive, BBQ, and Sweet Chili Dip.

Photo via Pizza Hut UK.

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