Mar 19, 2019

Review: 7-Eleven - Chai Tea Latte

7-Eleven's Chai Tea Latte features a combination of black tea, milk, and sweetener flavored with a blend of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves.

I paid $1.69 for a 16-oz small cup.

They showed what looked like cinnamon on top in the product photo and they have cinnamon readily available at the drink station so I gave my Chai Tea Latte a quick dusting. Between the cinnamon on top and the various spices in the tea itself, there's a decent spiced flavor to the drink. More so than I've gotten at a number of cafes (which more often than not just tasted like sweetened warm milk).

Beyond the spice, there's a nice balance of milk, tea, and sugar.

Taken altogether, 7-Eleven is my new go-to for a chai tea latte. It might not be the most "authentic" rendition (it probably needs a stronger dose of tea for that) but it hits the right notes, is convenient, and is fairly inexpensive.

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