Feb 8, 2020

7-Eleven Tests New Cashierless Store at Headquarters

7-Eleven looks into a more frictionless model (i.e. no waiting or taking out cash or a credit card) by testing a cashierless store at their corporate headquarters in Irving, TX.

It looks like they're fairly early in the testing process as the 700-square-foot store is only available to 7-Eleven employees.

According to the company, "A proprietary mixture of algorithms and predictive technology enables the store system to separate individual customers and their purchases from others in the store." Products sold at the store includes a selection of beverages, snacks, food, groceries, over-the-counter drugs, and non-food items.

They way the test store works is:

- You first need to download a special app and sign up.
- To shop, check in at the store, enter the store, pick up whatever you want/need, and leave (A receipt for your purchases appears in the app automatically once you leave).

Photo via 7-Eleven.

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