Feb 26, 2020

Carl's Jr. Tests New Prime Rib-Topped Burger

Carl's Jr. has been spotted testing the new Prime Rib Angus Thickburger and Prime Rib Biscuit at at least one location here in Southern California.

The Prime Rib Angus Thickburger, consists of an Angus burger patty, sliced prime rib, caramelized onions, and cheese sauce on a toasted premium bun, while the Prime Rib Biscuit features a new fried egg (versus their regular folded egg) and sliced prime rib on a biscuit.

Both test items were spotted by Kevin out in Garden Grove, CA. He tried both and shared that the while the prime rib was "very tasty" alone, in the burger, it was "overpowered" by both the Angus beef patty and the cheese sauce.

The biscuit sandwich fared better for him as the prime rib was more front and center without another meat to compete again and the fried egg yolk was "even slightly runny."

Prime rib on a burger isn't unfamiliar to Carl's Jr. Back in 2008, both Carl's Jr. and Hardee's offered a prime rib burger that featured an Angus beef patty, thinly-sliced prime rib, horseradish sauce, Swiss cheese, and grilled onions on a warm ciabatta roll. More recently, Hardee's offered the similar Prime Rib and Garlic Cheddar Thickburger and Prime Rib and Fried Egg Biscuit at participating locations for a limited time starting in August 2019.

Photos by Kevin.

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