Feb 9, 2020

Heart-Shaped Pizza Now Available at Papa John's for Valentine's Day 2020

The heart-shaped pizza makes it annual return to Papa John's for the 2020 Valentine's Day season.

The thin-crust pizza can be topped however you like and starts at $11 for a 1-topping heart-shaped pizza in my area (may vary). The limited-time pizza comes uncut so that it doesn't lose its shape in transit.

My local Papa John's also offers the Heart-Shaped Pizza Bundle for $16 (may vary), which includes a 1-topping heart-shaped pizza and a dessert (a choice of either a giant chocolate chip cookie, Cinnamon Pull Aparts, or a giant Double Chocolate Chip Brownie.

You can expect the special pizza to stick around through Valentine's Day at participating locations.

Photo via Papa John's.

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