Feb 18, 2020

Domino's Implements New "Pie Pass" Mobile Check-In for Carryout Orders

Domino's looks to streamline the carryout process for online orders with the introduction of new Pie Pass, which allows you to skip the line and pick up your order when you order and pay online.

Specifically, you can check-in on the Domino's Tracker or order confirmation page as you get close or arrive at your Domino's location so that they can have your order ready by the time you reach the counter. A digital menu board in the store will welcome you and let you know that your order is ready.

Pie Pass seems very similar to the mobile pick-up process at a number of fast food chains such as McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Chick-fil-A. As far as pizza chains go, it looks to be more like the set-up at Pizza Hut and isn't quite as convenient as Little Caesars' Pizza Portal.

Photo via Domino's.

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