Feb 4, 2020

KFC Expands Beyond Fried Chicken Test to Nashville and Charlotte

KFC has expanded their test of plant-based Beyond Fried Chicken with an improved version that's being offered in select locations in the Charlotte and Nashville areas for a limited time through February 23, 2020, while supplies last.

The new version of Beyond Fried Chicken is meant to "look, taste, and pull apart like a chicken breast" while tasting like KFC's fried chicken. In appearance, the plant-based product looks like over-sized chicken nuggets.

It can be ordered with a choice of dipping sauce or tossed in one of three sauce options: Honey BBQ, Buffalo, or Nashville Hot. Order sizes include four to 12 pieces with both a la carte and combo options.

The test follows a successful test launch in Atlanta last summer.

Photo via KFC.

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