Feb 16, 2020

Subway Serves Up New Sweet Red Bean and Mascarpone Sandwich in Japan

Subway tries out a dessert sandwich in Japan with the debut of the new Anko & Mascarpone sub. Anko is a red bean paste that's popular in Japan where it's often sweetened and found in desserts.

The Anko & Mascarpone sub looks to be on about 3-inches of Subway bread and comes filled with red bean paste and mascarpone cheese for 170 yen (~$1.55 US). A version with only red bean paste is also available for 130 yen (~$1.18 US).

Mascarpone is regularly available on the Subway Japan menu while red bean paste is not.

Sweetened red bean and bread is a fairly common pairing in Japan as well as a number of other Asian countries.

Photo via Subway Japan.

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