Feb 14, 2020

Hi-Chew Adds New Fruit Combos Mix

Hi-Chew expands their portfolio of candies with the arrival of new Hi-Chew Fruit Combos Mix.

The fruity, chewy candy features two layers of different flavors in each chewlet and features two varieties, Tropical Smoothie and Pina Colada, in each bag.

Tropical Smoothie features an outer layer of passion fruit flavor and a center of mango flavor, while Pina Colada features the flavor of coconut on the outside and pineapple within.

You can find new Hi-Chew Combos Mix in 3-oz peg bags carrying a suggested price of $2.59. They're initially only available exclusively at 7-Eleven store nationwide and on Hi-Chew's Amazon page. Come April 28, 2020, it'll be available for sale at more retailers and online at

Photo via Hi-Chew.

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