Sep 8, 2021

Domino's Bakes New Banana Calzone for Dessert in France

Domino's bakes a new, limited-time banana calzone over in France as part of their Cal'z line of calzones.

The Banana Cal'z features baked pizza dough wrapped around a filling of caramelized banana compote and comes with chocolate-hazelnut-flavored sauce for dipping or drizzling (it's also available without the chocolate-hazelnut sauce).

The price on the Banana Cal'z (with or without the dipping sauce) comes out 3.90 euros (~$4.61 US).

The pizza chain also offers savory Cal'z in several varieties, including Samurai (filled with mozzarella, kebab meat, and Samurai sauce), Goat-Honey (filled with mozzarella, goat cheese, and French honey), Kebab (filled with mozzarella, kebab meat, and kebab white sauce), and Chicken Curry (filled with mozzarella, roast chicken, and curry sauce).

Photo via Domino's France.

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