Sep 9, 2021

Wingstop Adds Crispy-Fried Thighs and Thigh Bites to Menu

Wingstop officially adds crispy-fried bone-in thighs and boneless Thigh Bites to the menu.

The change follows the launch of Thighstop earlier this summer as an online-only restaurant and basically folds Thighstop into Wingstop (which means you can now order thighs through the Wingstop website and in-person rather than having to go through DoorDash).

Like Wingstop's other chicken offerings, the chain's thighs can be ordered naked or tossed in a number of sauce and seasonings.

To celebrate the new menu items, Wingstop offers new "Thigh Thursday" specials, where you can order through their website or app on Thursdays and get a regular order of Thigh Bites for $4.49 or a Thigh Bites Meal for 2 for $13.99. The meal includes regular boneless Thigh Bites (in up to two flavors), a large order of fries or veggie sticks, two dips, and two 20-oz fountain beverages.

Photo via Wingstop.

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