Sep 6, 2021

KFC Serves Up New Chicken Ribs in South Korea

KFC serves up new Chicken Ribs as a novel and shareable way to enjoy their signature Original Recipe fried chicken over in South Korea.

It's unclear if the chicken "ribs" are actually made of the spindly bones of the winged bird or more likely made with the scapula or clavicle (wish bone) of the chicken, which are both meatier than the actual ribs. Another possibility is they just chopped up a semi-deboned chicken breast in somewhat rib-shaped pieces.

I can't seem to find anything about chicken ribs being sold in South Korea but apparently, over in Australia, you can buy "chicken spare ribs" from a butcher or supermarket.

The promotional text for KFC's Chicken Ribs includes (via Google translate):

"Kentucky Chicken Ribs with KFC's secret recipe!"

"Enjoy the taste of authentic KFC that is moist, light, and juicy!"

"Experience the special chicken rib that comes out of only 2 pieces from chicken!"

The chain recommends eating the fried chicken ribs with gravy.

Photos via KFC South Korea.

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