Sep 6, 2021

Nerds Candy Gets Limited-Edition Dungeons & Dragons Packaging

Nerds candy teams up with Dungeons & Dragons to debut new limited-edition, Nerds Gummy Clusters and Rainbow Nerds Theater Box packaging featuring new D&D-inspired Nerds characters.

Purchasing the collectible packaging can also unlock an exclusive Nerds-themed Dungeons & Dragons campaign called, "Restoring Harmony". If you buy one of the collectible Nerds candies, you can upload your receipt to through December 2021 to gain access to "a single PDF adventure and character sheet that can be run in under an hour by a Dungeon Master and one player taking on the role of a Nerds character starting at level one." There are six Nerds characters in all and it appears you have to upload seven receipts to gain access to all the characters and the full Restoring Harmony story.

You can find Nerds Gummy Clusters and Rainbow Nerds Theater Box limited-edition D&D packaging at retailers nationwide and online starting this month. The suggested price ranges from $0.99 to $3.99.

Photo via Ferrara.

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