Sep 6, 2021

Frank's RedHot Buffalo Chicken Sushi Roll Launches at Sprouts and More

Hissho Sushi, the second-largest sushi distributor in the US, offers a mash-up of Buffalo wings and sushi rolls with the launch of the new Frank's RedHot Crunchy Buffalo Chicken Roll at over 1,000 locations across the country, including Sprouts supermarket, Stop & Shop, Meijer, and more.

The new sushi roll features grilled chicken, cream cheese, avocado, and carrots rolled into rice and nori and topped with crispy-fried onions plus a drizzle of Frank's RedHot, Japanese BBQ sauce, spicy mayo, and a dusting of Frank's RedHot seasoning.

Frank's RedHot Crunchy Buffalo Chicken Roll comes in a tray of eight pieces for $5.99.

You can find the full list of locations for the new sushi roll on the Hissho Sushi website here.

Photo via Hissho Sushi.

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