Sep 21, 2021

Popeyes Introduces New Blackberry Cheese Cake Fried Pie

Popeyes introduces the new Blackberry Cheese Cake Fried Pie as their latest limited-time dessert.

Popeyes Blackberry Cheese Cake Fried Pie (for whatever reason, they're spelling "cheesecake" as two words) features blackberry pie filling, cheesecake filling, and graham cracker crumbs inside of a deep-fried turnover-style crust.

Prices for the pie vary but tend to range from $1.29 to $1.59.

Popeyes once offered a very similar pie back in 2013 called the "Blackberry and Cream Cheese Pie," which was basically the same pie minus the graham cracker crumbs. More recently, they offered the Raspberry Cheesecake Fried Pie just last year, which was the a similar pie except with raspberry filling instead of blackberry.

Photo via Popeyes.

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