Sep 9, 2021

Dutch Bros Welcomes Back Caramel Pumpkin Brulee for Fall 2021

Drive-thru coffee chain Dutch Bros welcomes back the Caramel Pumpkin Brulee and introduces the new Cinnamon Swirl Oat Milk Latte to usher in fall 2021 at over 480 locations.

The Caramel Pumpkin Brulee features pumpkin and salted caramel with coffee (espresso or cold brew) topped with a pumpkin drizzle, raw sugar, and Dutch Bros' signature Soft Top (a type of dairy-based whipped topping). The drink can be ordered as a Cold Brew, Breve, or Freeze. The Cold Brew and Breve versions can be had hot ("toasted" for the Cold Brew because they'd have to heat it) or iced.

The Cinnamon Swirl Oat Milk Latte consists of espresso, vanilla, cinnamon, and oat milk. It's available hot or iced.

The chain also offers the Pumpkin Pie Frost, a frozen, blended pumpkin beverage topped with whipped cream, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

The seasonal drinks are available for a limited time through the end of October 2021.

Photo via Dutch Bros Coffee.