Sep 15, 2021

KFC Bakes Limited-Time "Premium Biscuits" Made with Cultured Butter in Japan

KFC bakes new, limited-time Premium Biscuits made with fermented butter (which is more commonly labeled as "cultured butter" here in the US) over in Japan.

The limited-run item features cultured butter from Hokkaido (Japan's primary dairy-producing region) kneaded into the biscuit dough before baking for a "fragrant and flavorful finish." Cultured butter is generally noted to be more complex in flavor and a little tangy. European butters tend to be cultured/fermented, while American butter is generally not.

KFC Japan describes the texture of the Premium Biscuit as "crispy" on the outside and "moist and fluffy" on the inside. It comes with "special honey maple" that can be drizzled on as you like.

Here in the US, KFC's biscuits are made with buttermilk but without any butter at all.

KFC Japan's Premium Biscuits are currently available in the country, while supplies last, for 230 yen each (~$2.10 US).

Photo via KFC Japan.

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