Sep 30, 2021

Oreo Cakesters Set to Return in 2022 Joined by New Nutter Butter Cakesters

Nabisco plans to bring back Oreo Cakesters permanently nationwide starting in 2022. The returning snack-cake-cookie-sandwich hybrids will be joined by new Nutter Butter Cakesters.

Oreo Cakesters feature two soft, chocolate-flavored snack cakes with a layer of creme filling between them. It's basically a classic Oreo cookie but with snack cakes instead of chocolate wafers.

New Nutter Butter Cakesters consists of soft, peanut-butter-flavored snack cakes sandwiching a peanut butter filling.

While they're not out to next year, you can try following the two brand's various social media channels for a chance to get an early sample.

Photo via Nabisco.

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