Oct 31, 2023

Blue Bunny Welcomes 2023 Holiday "Ice Cream" Flavors

Blue Bunny's 2023 holiday flavors.
Blue Bunny welcomes their line-up of 2023 holiday frozen dessert flavors and the three new, festive flavors include Candy Cane Crunch Mini Bars, Frosted Sugar Cookie Soft, and Peppermint Stick frozen dairy dessert.

Candy Cane Crunch Mini Bars feature pink peppermint frozen dairy dessert dipped in a whipped cream coating and crunchy peppermint candy pieces. A box of six mini bars costs around $5, varying with location.

Blue Bunny Frosted Sugar Cookie Soft is a sugar cookie-flavored frozen dairy dessert with a soft-serve-like texture. A 46-fl-oz tub costs around $5, varying with location.

Peppermint Stick offers pink peppermint-flavored frozen dairy dessert with red and green peppermint candies. A 48-fl-oz tub costs about $5, varying with location.

You can find Blue Bunny's 2023 holiday line-up in stores across the US now for a limited time.

Photo via Blue Bunny.

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