Oct 25, 2023

New Chocolate Lovers Twinkies Appear at Walmart

A box of Hostess Chocolate Lovers Twinkies.
New Hostess Chocolate Lovers Twinkies quietly arrive at Walmart stores and feature chocolate sponge cake with a chocolaty creme filling.

A 13.58- oz box of the new Chocolate Lovers Twinkies contains 10 individually-wrapped snack cakes and costs $3.48.

It's not clear if they're exclusive to Walmart or if they're soft launching there first (there's no mention of them on the Hostess Cakes website). It looks like they first started showing up in September 2023.

Twinkies have previously been available in a chocolate cake version with regular creme filling, a golden cake version with chocolate creme filling, and even a chocolaty-covered golden cake version but apparently not a chocolate cake version with chocolaty creme filling until now.

Photo via Walmart.

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