Oct 21, 2023

Halloween Squishmallows Happy Meal Toys Land at McDonald's UK

McDonald's UK Squishmallow Happy Meal toys.
While we get Halloween pails here in the US, over in the UK, McDonald's is celebrating Halloween with Happy Meals containing Halloween-themed, collectible Squishmallow plushies.

The Halloween Squishmallow selection includes:

  • Bella the Spider
  • Patricio the Bat
  • Brock the Batdog
  • Stump the Skeleton Cat
  • Wade the Werewolf
  • Autumn the Cat

They're the type of popular toys that sometimes sees people buying Happy Meals in bulk (similar to Beanie Babies in the past and Pokemon more recently).

The Happy Meal box also features a Squishmallow theme:

McDonald's UK Squishmallows Happy Meal.

The toys are be available in the UK through October 31, 2023, while supplies last.

Apparently, Squishmallows (not the Halloween ones) will be coming to Happy Meals in the US sometime this December.

Photos via McDonald's UK.

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