Oct 30, 2023

Van Leeuwen 2023 Winter Ice Cream Flavors Include Returning Kraft Mac & Cheese Ice Cream

Van Leeuwen's Walmart-exclusive winter 2023 ice cream flavors.
Van Leeuwen brings back Kraft Mac & Cheese Ice Cream for a limited time as part of their Walmart-exclusive ice cream line for this winter.

The cheesy flavor was first introduced in July 2021 in very limited quantities to celebrate National Macaroni & Cheese Day and was launched at Walmart stores nationwide for a limited time in March 2022.

Van Leeuwen's Walmart-exclusive seasonal 2023 winter line-up includes seven flavors in all, including six brand new flavors. They include:

- Kraft Mac & Cheese - Ice cream made with Kraft cheese sauce mix. It's meant to remind you of a bowl of Kraft Mac & Cheese (except it's cold, sweet, and doesn't have macaroni in it).

- Dill Pickle - A tangy but sweet pickle ice cream with a dill pickle swirl.

- Peppermint Stick - Peppermint ice cream with crushed peppermint candy pieces.

- Caramel Sticky Bun - Cinnamon brown sugar ice cream with swirls of caramel and cinnamon bun pieces.

- Peanut Butter Fudge Pretzel - Peanut butter ice cream with fudge swirls and praline pretzel pieces. 

- Kettle Corn - Sweet corn and butter ice cream with pieces of honeycomb.

- Holiday Cookies & Cream - Festive red ice cream with dark chocolate cookies, cream filling, and  swirls of green frosting.

You can find the flavors now at 3,200 Walmart stores nationwide for $4.98 per container through December 26, while supplies last.

Photo via Van Leeuwen.

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