Oct 25, 2023

New Family-Sized Colonel's Homestyle Brownie Coming to KFC on November 12, 2023

KFC Colonel's Homestyle Brownie.
KFC adds a new dessert option for groups with the launch of the new, family-sized Colonel's Homestyle Brownie at participating locations nationwide starting Sunday, November 12, 2023.

The Colonel's Homestyle Brownie is described by KFC as a "fudgy brownie that's rich and moist with a homestyle taste." The brownie contains chocolate chips.

The new brownie carries a suggested price of $6.99. You can also get one as an add-on to a $20 Fill Up Box or any bucket meal for $5.

The chain currently offers a family-sized Chocolate Chip Cake as their only national dessert option (some locations still offer fried Apple Turnovers). It's yet to be seen if the brownie ends up replacing the cake.

Photo via KFC.

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