Oct 19, 2023

TGI Fridays Adds Four New Frozen Meals

TGI Fridays frozen meals.
TGI Fridays expands their selection of frozen food products with the addition of four new single-serve meals at Walmart stores nationwide.

The four new frozen entrees include:

- Whiskey-Glazed Chicken and Mashed Potatoes - Flame-grilled, boneless chicken with whiskey BBQ glaze accompanied by buttery mashed potatoes.

- Spicy Cajun Style Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo - Seasoned, grilled, white-meat chicken chunks and spicy Cajun-style Alfredo sauce served over fettuccine pasta.

- Spinach and Artichoke Sauce Chicken and Rice - TGI Fridays signature cheesy spinach and artichoke sauce served with chicken over a bed of long-grain rice.

- Whiskey-Glazed Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese - Slow-cooked, pulled pork in whiskey BBQ glaze, served over mac n' cheese.

The new meals are made by Golden West Food Group, which recently launched a frozen food line with Andrew Zimmern and produces frozen meals in partnership with a number of celebrity chefs. Interesting, the rest of TGI Fridays frozen food line, which include frozen appetizers, chicken wings, and sliders, is produced by Kraft Heinz.

Photo via TGI Fridays.