Oct 27, 2023

Nissin Rolling Out New Paper Cup for Cup Noodles in Early 2024

Cup Noodles with new paper cup packaging.
Nissin Foods USA will roll out a new, microwaveable paper cup design for Cup Noodles in early 2024. The new paper cup will replace Cup Noodles' current polystyrene cup (which is not microwaveable).

The new paper cup, which is made with 40% recycled fiber and comes in a sleeve made with 100% recycled paper, will be available for all flavors of Cup Noodles instant ramen. Other packaging changes for Cup Noodles include the removal of plastic wrap for packaging that will be polystyrene-free.

With the new packaging, Cup Noodles will take about 2 minutes and 15 seconds to prepare in the microwave.

The new paper cup represents part of Nissin Foods' stated aims to "minimize CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030 and reach carbon neutrality by 2050."

It is not mentioned by Nissin if the new cup is recyclable and/or if it is plastic-free (although it's unlikely on both fronts as companies tend to mention the former and, as for the latter, the new cup probably shares a good deal of similarities with the Biomass ECO Cups that they use in Japan and most likely needs some sort of plastic lining to help prevent leaking).

Photo via Nissin Foods USA.

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