Oct 23, 2023

Coffee Mate Welcomes New Iced Coffee

Bottles of Coffee Mate Iced Coffee.
Nestle introduces new Coffee Mate Iced Coffee as demand for year-round iced coffee grows, especially among younger consumers. The new drink features medium roast coffee with Coffee Mate non-dairy creamer.

At launch, Coffee Mate Iced Coffee comes in two flavors: French Vanilla and Caramel. You can find them both now at select retailers nationwide in 50-fl-oz bottles for a suggested price of $4.99.

While the new product marks the first iced coffee product for the main Coffee Mate brand, they previously released (and discontinued) both iced coffee and cold brew under the Natural Bliss Coffee Mate sub-brand.

It should be noted that "non-dairy" is a regulatory definition that allows for presence of the milk proteins such as micellar casein (which Coffee Mate's line of non-dairy creamers generally contain). Basically, "non-dairy" as it pertains to creamers means that they don't contain plain milk or cream (just something to keep in mind if you have a milk allergy).

Photo via Coffee Mate.

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