Oct 20, 2023

2023 Halloween Fast Food Menu Items Round-up

McAlister's Deli Witch's Brew in a pitcher and cups.
For those of you like to try (or know about) all the various Halloween-themed fast food menu items that have come out for the 2023 Halloween season, here's a list:

- 7-Eleven - They have a Mtn Dew Pitch Black Slurpee for a limited time. Rewards members can get a small Slurpee for $1 this season.

- Baskin-Robbins - They offer a number of Halloween-themed ice cream cakes every year. This year's selection includes the Zombie Unicorn, Trixie the Ghost Cake, and more.

- Burger King - The Ghost Pepper Whopper returns along with new Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries (you can find my review of the new Chicken Fries here).

- Casey's - The convenience store chain does a Jack-O'-Lantern Pizza at participating stores. It features made from scratch dough topped with classic marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and a face made with pepperoni and black olives.

- Chuck E. Cheese - They have a pumpkin-shaped pepperoni pizza throughout this month. They also have Halloween-themed desserts including the Giant Slime Cookie, Creepy Cupcake, and Dippin' Dots Eye Scream.

- Cold Stone Creamery - Boo Batter ice cream is back for Halloween 2023.

- Dunkin' - The Spider Donut is back as well as Halloween sprinkles on regular sprinkle donuts.

- Dutch Bros - They're serving up a new Sour Candy Rebel Energy Drink for this season.

- Jack in the Box - They have the new Angry Monster Taco (and regular Monster Taco) as well as the returning Basic Witch Shake.

- Krispy Kreme - They introduced new Scooby Doo-themed donuts for this year's Halloween festivities.

- McAlister's Deli - They're uh... "conjuring" up Witch's Brew for the season. It's a green-colored blend of lemonade and caramel apple syrup.

- McDonald's - Boo Buckets are back and available with your Happy Meal.

- Papa John's - The Jack-O-Lantern Pizza is back this season starting October 23, 2023 and will be available through October 31, 2023. The suggested price for the pizza is $10.99.

- Papa Murphy's - The Jack-O pizza makes its annual return.

- Paris Baguette - The bakery chain offers a Halloween menu through the end of the month that includes:

  • Halloween "Scream" Donut - A shell donut filled with cookies & cream custard, covered in cookies & cream white chocolate and topped with chocolate cookie eyes and a chocolate smile. 
  • Spider Mochi Donut - A chewy mochi donut covered in cookies & cream white chocolate, topped with a chocolate sandwich cookie and decorated with "eyes" and chocolate drizzle "spider legs."
  • Chocolate Chiffon Jack-O-Lantern - A pumpkin-shaped chocolate chiffon cake layered with soft cream with a candy corn "surprise" inside. It comes topped with a rolled hazelnut wafer "stem."
  • Cookies & Cream Halloween "Scream” Cake" - Vanilla sponge cake layered with cookies & cream soft cream and chocolate sandwich cookie pieces, topped with ghosts, spiders, and chocolate crisp pearls.

- Peter Piper Pizza - They're currently offering a large 1-topping Jack-o-Lantern pizza and a Halloween crunch dessert for $21.99.

- Scooter's Coffee - They're serving up a green drink called the "FrankenScooot" for Halloween. It's an energy drink with raspberry and blue raspberry flavors (I'm not sure what the difference flavor-wise is between the two).

- Sonic - They're blending a new version of the Trick or Treat Blast this year.

Photo via McAlister's Deli.

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