Oct 18, 2023

Pepperidge Farm Releases New Holiday Nog Cookies

Packages of Pepperidge Farm Holiday Nog Cookies.
Pepperidge Farm welcomes new Holiday Nog cookies as a limited-edition holiday variant of their Chessmen cookies.

Pepperidge Farm Holiday Nog cookies offer the buttery taste of Chessmen cookies with the "smooth, warm seasonal spices of eggnog flavor." As they're holiday cookies, they features holiday shapes, such as pine trees, wreathes, and candy canes, on top of each cookie.

Holiday Nog cookies join Pepperidge Farm's 2023 holiday line-up, which also includes Mint Brussels, Linzer, Snowball, and Peppermint Milano Slices. You can find the seasonal holiday cookies starting this month at major grocery retailers for a limited time.

Photo via Pepperidge Farm.

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