Oct 26, 2023

Mac & Cheese Burger Returns to Smashburger Along with New Spicy Version

Smashburger Mac & Cheese Burger alongside its spicy counterpart.
The Mac & Cheese Burger makes a limited-time return to Smashburger to round out 2023 and is joined by a new spicy version called the "Scorchin' Hot Mac & Cheese Burger."

Smashburger's Mac & Cheese Burger was first introduced earlier this year and consists of a Certified Angus Beef patty, mac and cheese that's been smashed on the grill to create a crispy baked cheese layer, and American cheese on a toasted artisan classic bun. It's available with one or two beef patties.

The Scorchin' Hot Mac & Cheese Burger is the same except it adds the chain's signature Scorchin' Hot seasoning into the mix.

The crispy Mac & Cheese layer is also available to add to any of Smashburger's burger builds.

Both versions of the Mac & Cheese Burger can be found at participating Smashburger locations chain-wide now for a limited time through January 3, 2024.

Photo via Smashburger.

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