Nov 4, 2023

McDonald's Launches New Eggs Benedict Burger in Portugal

McDonald's Maestro Egg Benedict burger.
McDonald's serves up the new Maestro Eggs Benedict burger over in Portugal as a premium-end burger featuring an egg (fried apparently) with hollandaise sauce.

Additionally, the burger also includes a beef patty, a slice of Emmental cheese (what we call "Swiss cheese"), spinach, and crispy-fried onions, on a toasted poppy-and-sesame-seeded, brioche bun. Both the spinach and hollandaise sauce are locally produced.

McDonald's Maestro line is a premium line of burgers in a number of countries in Europe. The closest analogue here in the US would be the discontinued Signature Crafted line.

While McDonald's has offered eggs Benedict for breakfast abroad, this may be the first time that they've done an eggs Benedict burger. It should be noted that egg Benedict is typically made with poached eggs, which is not the case here. Hollandaise sauce is a French sauce made with egg yolks, butter, lemon, salt, and pepper. Its name means "Dutch sauce" in French.

Photo via McDonald's.

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