Feb 22, 2024

$5 Meal Deal is Back at Checkers & Rally's

Checkers & Rally's $5 Meal Deal.
The $5 Meal Deal is back at Checkers & Rally's as a discounted combo that offers four fast food items for $5.

The Checkers & Rally's $5 Meal Deal includes:

  • A Checkerburger/Rallyburger or a Bacon Cheddar Crisp
  • Eight white-meat Chicken Bites
  • A small order of Famous Seasoned Fries
  • A 16-oz drink

The fast food chain(s) is also offering a "Pick Two Mix and Match" deal at participating restaurants. The deal can choose two items from a limited menu for $4 (or $5 depending on location). The available selection includes:

  • Checkerburger/Rallyburger
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  • Chili Dog
  • Crispy Fish Sandwich

The Pick Two Mix and Match also lets you opt for the following items for $1 more each:

  • Double Checkerburger/Rallyburger With Cheese
  • Spicy Chicken Double
  • Two-pack Chili Dogs
  • Deep Sea Double

Photo via Checkers & Rally's.

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