Feb 17, 2024

McDonald's Sold Single Chicken Nuggets in Switzerland

McDonald's single Chicken McNugget next to fries and a box of Chicken McNuggets.
As a promotion for the 40th anniversary for McDonald's Chicken McNuggets last year, the fast food chain was selling single Chicken McNuggets in Switzerland as a limited-time promotion.

The reasoning given was so that customers could order the exact "number of Chicken McNuggets they need to share perfectly with friends or family." They called them the "Chicken McNuggets of Love."

The idea here is that generally if you have an odd number of people you can't divvy up an order of Chicken McNuggets evenly (since Chicken McNuggets come in 4-piece, 6-piece, 10-piece, and 20-piece orders). But with individual Chicken McNuggets available for purchase, you could always get the exact amount that you want.

It's a bit of a weird idea as letting someone just have the last Chicken McNugget is a common solution but I suppose it makes for an interesting story to tell.

Photo via McDonald's Switzerland.

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