Feb 16, 2024

Checkers & Rally's Debut New Sourdough Melts

Checkers & Rally's Bacon Sourdough Mother Cruncher Melt and Bacon Buford Sourdough Melt.
Checkers & Rally's debut new Sourdough Melts in three varieties: the Bacon Sourdough Mother Cruncher Melt, the Bacon Buford Sourdough Melt, and the Sourdough Double Melt.

The Bacon Sourdough Mother Crunch Melt includes a crispy-fried Mother Cruncher chicken filet, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese sauce, seasoned grilled onions, two bacon strips, mayo, and ketchup, served on two slices of toasted sourdough bread. Price vary but it goes for $5.99 here in the Los Angeles area.

The Bacon Buford Sourdough Melt is the beef version of the Bacon Sourdough Mother Crunch Melt and features the same ingredients but swaps the chicken filet for two large beef patties. Like its chicken counterpart, it's priced at $5.99 here.

Finally, the Sourdough Double Melt is the slightly cheaper, more classic version of a patty melt. It consists of two beef patties, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese sauce, and seasoned grilled onions, served on two slices of toasted sourdough bread. It's priced at $3.99.

All three of Checkers & Rally's Sourdough Melt are available for a limited time now at participating locations across the US.

Photo via Checkers & Rally's.

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