Feb 6, 2024

White Castle Brings Back Shrimp Nibblers & Sriracha Nibblers

White Castle Shrimp Nibblers and Sriracha Shrimp Nibblers.
Crispy Shrimp Nibblers and Sriracha Shrimp Nibblers are back at White Castle for the 2024 Lenten season (when there's more consumer demand for non-meat fast food options).

Clam Strips also make their way back to the White Castle menu.

White Castle's Shrimp Nibblers feature bite-sized butterfly shrimp dipped in a seasoned batter and deep-fried until crispy. The Sriracha Shrimp Nibblers are much the same but add a kick of Sriracha flavor and spicy heat to the breading.

Both Shrimp Nibbler varieties are available in small, medium, and sack sizes. You can find them now for a limited time through March 31, 2024 at all White Castle locations except for those in Tempe and Orlando.

Clam Strips, Atlantic surf clams coated in a light and crispy breading, are also back on the menu permanently in New York, New Jersey, Columbus, and Detroit locations (apparently, they were discontinued last year when a supplier shuttered). They're only back for a limited time at other locations.

Photo via White Castle.

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