Feb 28, 2024

Review: KFC - Chizza

KFC's Chizza in a box next to a quarter.

KFC's Chizza is the fast food fried chicken chain's rendition of a chicken pizza (or chicken parmesan depending on who you're asking). It features a Extra Crispy fried chicken breast filet topped with marinara, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni.

A regular order includes two filets and cost me $9.99 (some locations in the area are selling it for $11.99 though). That's slightly more than last year's Double Down, which was $8.99.

A top-down close-up of KFC's Chizza.

From what I've seen, the Chizza is supposed to come in a pizza-box-like cardboard box but mine came in a regular KFC meal box, which is quite large.

Each fried chicken filet was cut into four. The chicken was piping hot to the point where I slightly burned my fingertips and tongue. It had a flaky, crispy crust and the chicken inside was pretty juicy and fairly thick for the most part. The cheese was melted and somewhat gooey but I could still clearly make out the shredded strands. The pepperoni was hot but not crispy at all.

Close-up of a "slice" of KFC's Chizza.

Between the chicken, marinara, cheese, and pepperoni, the Chizza was a salt bomb but not so much that I couldn't taste the fried breading, underlying chicken, the tangy and slightly sweet marinara, the somewhat creamy cheese, and slightly smoky pepperoni.

If the question is, "Does the Chizza feel or taste like a pizza?" I would have to say that it does not. Crust and cheese go a long way in making a pizza and both were lacking here. KFC's Chizza really does feel like chicken parmesan but could use more cheese to balance out the fairly punchy sauce.

Cross-section of KFC's Chizza.

Overall, KFC Chizza was a mixed bag for me. The chicken was well made and crispy, the cheese was melted, and the sauce was evenly distributed. However, the flavors were a little tilted and out of balance in favor of the sauce. It would probably go well with some pasta.

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