Feb 29, 2024

Takis Releases New Buckin' Ranch Flavor

Bags of Takis Buckin' Ranch rolled tortilla chips.
Takis adds new Takis Buckin' Ranch to their line of rolled tortilla chips.

Describes as packed with "zesty and creamy goodness," the new flavor can be found now at retailers nationwide in both 3.25-oz individual and 9.9-oz sharing size bags.

According to Takis, ranch "ranks third among best-selling tortilla chip flavors."

The Takis brand is best known for spicy, chile-lime rolled tortilla chips but, more recently, they've been branching out into non-spicy flavors such as Intense Nacho and Guacamole.

You can expect Takis Buckin' Ranch to retail for around $4.29 for a 9.9-oz bag.

Photo via Takis.

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