Feb 10, 2024

KFC Offers BOGO Deal on Smash'd Potato Bowl

KFC Smash'd Potato Bowl.
KFC is offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal on their new Smash'd Potato Bowl for a limited time through their new KFC Rewards program.

The recently-introduced Smash'd Potato Bowl features a bowl of mashed potatoes and Secret Recipe Fries topped with warm cheese sauce, bacon crumbles, and 3-cheese blend. It goes for a suggested price of $3.49 (may vary; to give an idea of the variance between locations: two of the KFC restaurants near me are selling them for $4.99, while one has the bowl for $3.49).

The KFC Smash'd Potato Bowl BOGO deal is only available when signed into your KFC Rewards account and is only good for the regular Smash'd Potato Bowl and not the upcharged version with the KFC Nuggets add-on.

The KFC Rewards program is a loyalty program where you get 10 points for every $1 spent. The available rewards are meant to rotate but currently include:

  • For 250 points:
    • 1-piece fried chicken (leg or thigh)
    • 5-piece KFC Nuggets
    • Chicken Little
    • Individual side
    • Medium beverage
  • For 500 points:
    • 8-piece KFC Nuggets
    • Beverage Bucket
    • Chicken Sandwich
    • Kids Meal
  • For 750 points:
    • 8-piece KFC Nuggets combo
    • Famous Bowl and drink
  • For 1000 points:
    • 12-piece KFC Nuggets Big Box Meal
    • Chicken Sandwich Big Box Meal

Photo via KFC.

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