Feb 8, 2024

McDonald's New Improved Burgers Now Available Nationwide

The Hamburglar driving in his Burgercuda getaway car.
McDonald's has completed the rollout of their "hottest, juiciest and tastiest classic burgers ever" at all locations in the US. To celebrate, they've send the Hamburglar out across the country in his Burgercuda getaway car.

If you spot the car, you can scan the vehicle's code to get rewarded with an Arch Card and Hamburglar-inspired swag, while supplies last.

Additionally, they're running a sweepstakes with free McDonald's burgers for a year up for grabs (in the form of $832 in McDonald's gift cards) at you can enter at through February 25, 2024.

McDonald's improved burger changes affect their core (smaller patty) burgers such as the Double Cheeseburger, Big Mac, and more. The changes include more consistently melted cheese, new soft pillowy buns, and white onions that are added to the patties while they're being grilled. Additionally, the Big Mac now comes with more special sauce. You can find my review of a McDonald's Double Cheeseburger with the new changes here.

Photo via McDonald's.

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