Feb 8, 2024

Pizza Hut Keeps It Cozy with Gratin Hut Melts in Japan

Pizza Hut Camembert Grain Hut Melt.
Pizza Hut offers up some warm comfort over in Japan with new Gratin Hut Melts, which feature a crispy crust and a creamy melted cheese filling. It's is a bit like the chain's take on a grilled cheese sandwich for the winter. No tomato soup though.

Pizza Hut's Gratin Hut Melts come in two varieties: Warm Shrimp Gratin and Gooey Camembert (pictured).

The Warm Shrimp Gratin Hut Melt comes filled with shrimp, penne pasta in white sauce, special mayo sauce, and Gouda cheese, while the Gooey Camembert Gratin Hut Melt includes Camembert cheese, penne pasta in white sauce, black pepper, and Gouda cheese.

The Gratin Hut Melts come with mentaiko (spicy pollock roe sauce) and honey mustard sauces for dipping as well as fries and are available through March 11, 2024. They're priced at 880 yen (~$5.89 US) for carryout. They also have a lunch special from 11 AM to 4PM where, for the same price, they throw in a free drink.

Photo via Pizza Hut Japan.

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