Feb 28, 2024

Dairy Queen Welcomes New Confetti Cake Dipped Cone

Dairy Queen's Confetti Cake Dipped Cones.
Dairy Queen readies for the spring with the debut of the new Confetti Cake Dipped Cone.

Dairy Queen's latest dipped cone flavor features a cake cone filled with vanilla soft serve and dipped into a confetti cake flavored cone dip with sprinkles in it.

A confetti cake is typically a cake made with white or yellow cake battered mixed with rainbow sprinkles. While the cake has been around for longer, it's probably most associated with Pillsbury's Funfetti line, which was introduced in 1989.

The new flavor is available now for a limited time at participating DQ locations nationwide.

Previous limited-time cone dip flavors by Dairy Queen have included Cotton Candy, Churro, Fruity Blase, and Orange Dreamsicle.

Other current featured menu item at Dairy Queen include the Mint Brownie Blizzard and Under the Rainbow Shake for St. Patrick's Day.

Photo via Dairy Queen.

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