Review: Burger King - Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger

Burger King's new, limited-time Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger features a ground beef patty wi...

Burger King's new, limited-time Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger features a ground beef patty with pieces of thick-cut bacon and cheddar cheese mixed in, accompanied by lettuce, tomatoes, onion rings, ketchup, and mayo, nestled in a artisan-style bun.

The suggested retail price starts at $3.99, but it was quite a bit more at my local Burger King at $4.99.

I was surprised to find a really good charred crust on my burger patty. I can't remember the last time I got a burger from Burger King that actually looked flame grilled. There's a good thickness to the patty too, especially compared to the thinner, but wider Whopper patty.

Biting into it, there's a nice fire-grilled flavor to go with a hit of smokiness from the bacon. As with a lot of fast food cheese, the taste of cheddar was very light. It could really do better with a medium to sharp cheddar. The bacon inside was pretty thick and actually tasted better than when I had bacon normally at BK.

The onion rings are breaded and add just a bit of crispness. They're not particularly onion-y, but because Burger King uses ground onions for their rings, they're very easy to bite through, which is great for putting inside a burger.

The lettuce and tomatoes were fairly fresh and came in good proportion to the beef and bun.

I liked that there wasn't too much ketchup or mayo.

If you've never tried the artisan-style bun from Burger King, it appears to be an egg bun and is dense and soft with a touch of sweetness.

Overall, I really enjoyed Burger King's Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger. It's the best burger I've had from Burger King in a long time and delivered a delicious, smoky, beefy bacon goodness to my mouth. No other major fast food chain offers a stuffed burger patty, so it's a good thing Burger King does it well.

Five bucks is pretty pricey for a fast food burger though, especially one smaller than a Whopper.

Nutritional Info - Burger King Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger (245g)
Calories - 650 (from Fat - 350)
Fat - 39g (Saturated Fat - 12g)
Sodium - 1420mg
Carbs - 51g (Sugar - 10g)
Protein - 23g


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