Nov 11, 2012

Local Review: Humble Potato - Katsu Sando

Humble Potato is a American-Japanese eatery that opened recently just up the road from LAX in Westchester. Not sure why the name is Humble Potato as their main features seem to be burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches with a Japanese twist. They do serve fries though.

I tried their Katsu Sando ("fried chicken sandwich") for $8.50. It's basically a fried chicken poor boy except the chicken is crusted with panko (bread crumbs) and it's dressed with a yuzu-jalapeƱo slaw and tonkatsu sauce. There's an option to add Japanese curry for $1.00.

The chicken was pretty solid: thick and moist with a crispy panko crust and plenty enough for every bite. However, salting was very uneven with a few very salty bites that marred my enjoyment.

The slaw provided a worthy accompaniment to the chicken and added a light bit of sweet and sour with just a little spice from the thinly-sliced jalapeƱos.

Missing in action was the tonkatsu sauce. I think they forgot it because I didn't see or taste any.

The bread was just okay. It could have been toasted a bit more and warmer as a result.

Overall, Humble Potato's Katsu Sando is a great idea that suffers a little bit in the execution. The restaurant opened last month and it looks like they still have some kinks to work out.

Humble Potato
8321 Lincoln Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(323) 989-2242

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  1. My brother works over in El Segundo.. gonna check this place out some time with him. Thanks!


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