Nov 3, 2012

Neat! Thomas English Muffins Come in Pumpkin and Cranberry

Thomas English Muffins are probably my favorite English muffins (especially with bacon and eggs), but I typically think of them as very traditional and unchanging.

I was surprised, then, to find out that they offered seasonal pumpkin spice and cranberry flavors for the holiday season.

The pumpkin spice version comes with little pieces of pumpkin baked into the English muffin, which is a decided change from the standard pumpkin puree of most baked pumpkin goods. They might be hard to find though as only select locations seem to offer them (I've only seen them at one supermarket that I normally frequent). You can try using their product locator though. Pumpkin spice bagels and bagel thins are also offered.
On the cranberry side, there's cranberry English muffins, bagels, bagel thins, and swirl bread. You can also try your luck with the product locator on their website to find them near you.

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  1. I liked the pumpkin bagels... you can't really compare a bag of grocery-store bagels from the packaged bread aisle to what you would get from a bagel shop, but if you just evaluate them for what they are, they actually taste quite good. I would have liked a stronger pumpkin flavor along with more spice, but I did enjoy the little bits of pumpkin puree that are mixed in throughout the dough.

    I'm hoping to find both the pumpkin and cranberry English muffins so that I can try them... I imagine that I will like those even more, since Thomas' makes better English muffins than they do bagels (although again, the bagels are good as far as store-bought bagels go).


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