Nov 28, 2012

News: KFC Teases an Original Recipe Cookie

KFC wants you to know that they've tested and come up with a recipe for Original Recipe cookies.

Basically, the gist is since they already paired chocolate chip cookies with Original Recipe chicken in their new Festive Meal, why not just take it a step further and combine the two into a cookie?

Spurred by the trend for sweet and savory dishes and feedback from some of their 5.5 million Facebook fans, KFC test chefs tested a series of recipes that sought to combine the savory taste of Original Recipe chicken and the sweet taste of chocolate chip cookies and settled on a recipe. My guess is that it tastes like a herby chocolate chip cookie.

Now, they're asking you to vote on the KFC Facebook page on whether such a cookie should ever be placed on the KFC national menu (I figure everyone will just vote yes out of curiosity).


  1. That really does not sounds good at all... I like the original recipe chicken and I like chocolate chip cookies, but I'd never want chicken-flavored cookies.

  2. I'm normally a huge fan of "outside the box" thinking when it comes to food, and I've eaten my fair share of things most folks consider odd. Having said that, this still sounds disgusting.

  3. The fear and greed of the corporate-level parasites is exemplified by events such as this lame KFC attempt to sucker in more MORE MORE money spenders.

    Yet, what do the bureaucratic buffoons do.... offer a weird cookie offering while ignoring the obvious....

    put a second biscuit in the outgoing boxes currently containing one... ONE lousy biscuit!!!!!!!!!


    Those corporate entities deserve to be overrun and engulfed by firms not resorting to lame tactics in an attempt toe increase stock price and allowing those corporate higher-ups to cash in their stocks-as-a-part-of-pay scheme before the values plummet further.


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