Nov 3, 2012

Around the World: KFC Japan - New Ginger Fried Chicken

Tinkering with the Colonel's chicken seems to be the norm at KFC Japan. Most recently, they've introduced new Ginger Salt Fried Chicken (previously they offered chicken with a rice breading).

The chicken is flecked with black sesame seeds and comes with a ginger seasoning packet to sprinkle on before eating for more ginger flavor.

KFC Japan is not cheap though. A single piece comes in at 260 yen (or about $3.23 US).

In addition to the Ginger Salt Fried Chicken, KFC is also offering a Ginger Chicken Soup for the fall/winter season. For 290 yen (~$3.61 US), it features a dashi bonito (fish stock) and chicken base with pieces of chicken, enoki mushrooms, ginger, and vermicelli noodles.
Finally, there's also Ginger Salt Chicken Potato Chips produced in a partnership between KFC and Japanese snack manufacturer Calbee (perhaps best known for their shrimp-flavored chips here in the States).

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