Nov 15, 2012

News: Heinz - New, Limited Edition Ketchup with Jalapenos

If you've ever thought your fries would go great with some spicy ketchup, Heinz has magically read your thoughts and are set to release new, limited edition "Heinz Tomato Ketchup blended with Real Jalapenos." Let's just call it Ketchup with Jalapenos for short (K with J?).

Heinz Ketchup with Jalapenos won't be available in select retail stores until January of next year, but if you have to have it now, they will be offering the new ketchup for purchase via the Heinz Facebook page starting November 26 through December 7. They're calling the sale period "12 Days of Jalapeno Ketchup."

While the suggested retail price when it hits stores will be $2.49 per bottle, a bottle off of Facebook will cost  you $4.99 (includes shipping) with orders of two to five bottles receiving a free bottle with purchase.


  1. Would definitely go great on a burger or fries.

  2. Heaven forbid the swarming masses plop a few spurts of hot sauce from the 99-cent bottle of said sauce that will last many moons atop the ketchup that was plopped atop whatever the catsup was plopped upon.

    Too easy, too simple and basic.

    Pay top dollar or baht or sheckel or peso or whatever for the premixed high-falutin new-fangled attempt to coerce every bit od discretionary wealth from those huddled teeming masses infesting a society.

  3. I hope it's actually spicy.

  4. It's gotta be spicy only then will get a thumbs up.


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